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At Whitman, all of our products are custom designed to meet your individual requirements. No quantity is too large or too small. We manufacture quality products at competitive pricing, employing excellent workmanship, experienced production, fast service, and attention to detail. In addition, all of our products are made in the USA.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

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Our products include, but are not limited to:

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A rivet is a mechanical fastener consisting of a smooth cylindrical shaft with heads on either end. The heads are somewhat larger than the diameter of the hole into which the rivet has been inserted. There are a number of types of rivets: solid rivets, blind rivets, multi-grip rivets, grooved type rivets, Peel Type Blind Rivets, plastic rivets, drive rivets, tubular rivets, etc. Common uses of rivets are to fasten buckles to leather or other material and to provide a decorative way to form and reinforce leather goods.

keychain and case     Watchmans Clock     small cases

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Whitman Corporation specializes in sewing any type of material from the finest cloth to the thickest layers of leather. Our machinery can sew a wide variety of stiches which allows us to develop a wide range of products from custom cases to binders to sewing gaskets for industrial products. No matter what your needs are, our sewing methods guarantee a strong and lasting product.

horse blanket     binders     corner stitching case

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Die Cutting

Die cutting is a method for punching or cutting out any special shapes by using a metal form that is called a die. A die cut is also used to refer to the cut out shape. Different materials from leather to vinyl to canvas can be cut to form shapes that represent your company, into promotional products, or to develop a variety of other custom cases and other goods.

die cut tag     meter case     die cut promo items

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Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is the application of foil, a special film-backed material, to material where a heated die is stamped onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface leaving the design of the die on the material. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a more striking 3D image.

FBI case     AQUA case     promo case

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Embossing and Debossing

Embossing is the process of creating a three-dimensional image or design ductile materials. It is typically accomplished with a combination of heat and pressure. Embossing is an elegant process that changes the nature of the material that has been embossed. More often than not, it elevates the standard and quality of the product.

When debossing an image such as a logo, a title, or other design, it is heat-pressed into the surface of the material with a die, creating depressions rather than raised impressions as with embossing. The same techniques used for embossing — blind, foil, and ink — can be used with debossing to create visual effects and texture. Interested in having your product debossed? Whitman Corporation can deboss any kind of leather with your logo or name.

Fire pager case     columns deboss     debossed jacket

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Silk Screening

Silk screening is a printmaking technique that creates a sharp-edged image using a stencil. We often use silk screening to add logos and other graphical images to promotional items, cases, and other custom products. Silk screening allows us to add color to your product versus the stamped and textured look of embossing or debossing.

whitman promo     fire extinguisher case     silk screen logo

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Bar Tacking

Bartacking is a type of reinforcement stitching used to fortify stress points in clothing, sporting equipment, uniforms, and a host of other products. The bar tack stitch is a tight zigzag pattern repeated perpendicularly over itself several times to make sewn products stronger, and resistant to tears or rips in the seams.

horse blanket     Adjust-A-Strap Support: Drop Foot Support Device

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Formed Leather

Forming leather is a process by which the leather itself is acutally manipulated to form a specific shape. Our methods of forming leather are very precise and allow us to develop custom cases and other products which sewing alone cannot accomplish.

formed leather tool belt     chin strap     round case

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