We are more than happy to provide our current or prospective clients with a quote and sample. In order to give you the most accurate sample of your product possible, our normal procedure for making prototypes is to:

  • work from a drawing (using specific dimensions) of the product you wish to produce.
  • utilize a prototype instrument that you wish housed in a case.
  • or work from an existing product that you wish duplicated or improved

With this information we can then show you how our product will work for you by offering customers, a sample and quotation.

We are sure that whether you are looking to develop a case for your specialized tools, emboss or deboss your leather or synthetic material products with your logo, or utilize one of our other specialized services, you will be convinced upon review of our quote and custom sample that we are the right company for you.

Whether you are located locally in the Cincinnati area, or anywhere in the world, contact us today for your quote and sample.

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