Over a century ago, our namesake, Colonel R. E. Whitman, an officer in the U.S. Army, conceived and made the first Whitman army saddle.

Whitman Corporation first began business in 1931 by manufacturing English riding saddles and associated equipment. Although our custom design carrying case division has grown to such an extent over the years that we no longer manufacturer the Whitman saddle, we still employ the same high quality craftsmanship and materials associated with our name.

From our foundation, Whitman Corporation has specialized in manufacturing high quality custom leather and replacement leather products. Since that time, we have both perfected our techniques in developing custom designed carrying cases, and expanded our range of products and services to include a wide variety of materials and industries.

We currently develop products for a variety of industries including, but not limited to, healthcare, fire & EMS, police, military, the electronics industry and promotional items. Our expertise extends to a variety of services, from embossing to sewing to leather molding and many more.

Although we are located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, we have been pleasing clients countrywide and worldwide for decades. In addition, we take pride in our reasonable prices and the home-grown quality of our products.

We have come a long way since the horse and saddle days. As a established and growing company, we are confident that our experience in this field would allow us to satisfy your individual case requirements. To see how our services can complement your line of products, please feel free to request a sample and quote from us

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